Amateur Radio Classes

WCRA has volunteer instructors that teach classes to prepare prospective hams for the Technician class license exam, and current hams for the General class license exam. WCRA also prides itself in the "know code" program, which is an optional course offered to current Hams and prospective Hams alike, teaching Morse code. Morse code is not required for any of the ham licenses.

Upcoming Technician Class Training and License Examination

WCRA offers classes several times a year. Watch here for upcoming classes.

Additional Exam Sessions

If you didn't pass the test at one of our classes or just wanted to wait until you were more prepared, there are exam sessions occurring periodically in the area. Exams are routinely administered by the WCRA Volunteer Examiners team. You can find information on local testing using the ARRL Amateur Radio License Exam search.

Additional Resources

Whether you are new to the hobby looking for new information, or a seasoned Ham looking for information on upgrading your license, our WCRA Training Team is committed to being as helpful as is possible. Please feel free to reach out and ask a question to our Training Coordinator. We are proud to report that so many good questions have been asked, that we now have had enough create a useful Training Reference guide (PDF). It is our hope that you will find this helpful.