WCRA Radio Repeaters

Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs, with coordination approval from the Illinois Repeater Association and adjacent state coordination, operates the following Yaesu Fusion Digital repeaters:

Frequency (MHz) PL Tone (Hz) Mode
145.310/144.710 107.2 (1B) PL Encode/Decode Auto In/Auto Out
145.390/144.790 107.2 (1B) PL Encode/Decode Auto In/Auto Out
224.140/222.540 110.9 (2Z) PL Encode/Decode NON Digital (Off Air Indefinitely)
444.475/449.475 114.8 (2A) PL Encode/Decode Auto In/Auto Out

On-Air Nets

Net Schedule

Day Time Frequency Net Control
Sunday 8:00pm 145.310 (-600) Rotates
Wednesday 8:00pm 444.475 (+5.0) Medinah Shrine Radio Net

On those months that have a FIFTH Sunday, the VHF net will take place on the UHF repeater at 8pm.

We are constantly looking for folks to volunteer their time and talents to be control operators for the nets. Feel free to volunteer on the active nets, or contact our Nets Coordinator.